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Villa Manuk - Activities, Tours & Transfers



Trekking in North Bali: Sugar Palm Juice TastingFar away from hustlers, shops and other tourists, experience an unexpected Bali.

Walk through rice fields surrounded by impressive mountains and various plantations like cashew, candlenut, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, vanilla and many others.

Taste fresh harvested juice (tuak) of the sugar palm “Arenga” and see the processing of palm wine (Arak).

Discover with us precious, secret landscapes and spectacular waterfalls in the midst of lush tropical vegetation.

Beji temple, dedicated to the rice field goddess, Dewi SriWatch the creation processing of traditional Balinese musical instruments made by the local smiths.

Visit beautiful Hindu temples and get a taste of the rich Balinese culture.


Trekking through Rice Fields in hidden North BaliYou can enjoy wonderful treks and walks just by getting out of the Villa and following the rice field paths. We can arrange that you get accompanied by a local person who will show you some further treks and give you information about the plantations.

Alternatively, a ten-minute ride by motorbike will take you to the amazing waterfalls of Sekumpul, as well as to famous temples like the Beji and Jagaraga temple. If you are more comfortable with a car – we can easily arrange it for you.

Depending on the transportation you choose, the itinerary and the guide, discovering the nearby area will cost you between 2 and 30 €.


Indulge in luxurious spa treatments and massages in the comfort and privacy of the Villa.

Rebalancing Massage

Rebalancing MassageAn extraordinary mixture between well-being and therapeutic massage. Rebalancing uses advanced forms of massage, gentle touch, deep tissue work, joint release, rolfing, breath and energy work to release body, mind and soul, allowing the body's natural harmony to emerge. Rebalancing deals carefully with your individual tensions
and relieves you of them. You can expect a relief of back pain and chronic tenseness. You will become more flexible, you will regain energy.
Rebalancing-Massage is therapy for the body and rejuvenation for the mind and spirit.
Each session lasts 90 minutes and we offer 6 different sessions.

Spa Cosmetics for Mandi Lulur
  • Reflexology or Foot Massage: They both include neck massage, duration 70 minutes
  • Ayurveda Massage: Duration 90 minutes
  • Abhyanga Massage - full body
  • Dance The Body: Duration 70 minutes, 2 different sessions available
  • Thai Massage: Duration 120 minutes
  • Royal Mandi Lulur: Full body massage, body scrub, yoghurt mask. Mandi Lulur is a .." you have to do it, when you visit Bali...".
  • Bali Kopi Lulur: A body scrub with balinese coffee. Full body massage, body scrub carrot mask.
  • Bali Boreh: A full body massage, body scrub skin care with oil. In Bali this treatment will prevent flu.
  • Manicure: Hand massage, lulur, nail care and polish (color).
  • Pedicure: Foot bath, lulur, nail care and polish (color).

Pamper yourself and enjoy an extra neck massage after these treatments.

Facial treatments

  • Turmeric Mask: Anti-inflammatory, cleansing and good for the colour of your face.
  • Banana-Cananga Mask: A mask rich in minerals that has a stimulating, nourishing and refreshing effect on your skin.
  • Honey-Cucumber Mask: provides moisture and your skin will be soft and balanced.
  • Prai-Peeling: has a cleansing effect and rids your skin of dead cells.
  • Bali Samadhi Facial: Cleanse and tone, steam, peeling, mask, incl. eyebrow.

We offer also waxing and if you like to have another treatment, feel free to contact us and ask.

Tours and Transfers

Pura Ulun Danu BratanIn Villa Manuk we are happy to organise for you exciting tours all over the island. For example:

  • Discover the East Coast of Bali: Villa Manuk – Batur Volcano – Sidemen – Tirtagangga – East Coast – Villa Manuk
  • Central Bali: Jatiluwih – Pura Batukaru Temple - Tanah Lot Temple
  • Trekking Batur Volcano: see the famous Panorama at sunrise (2.00 am to 12.00)

We also offer transfers all over the island. For a transfer Airport – Villa Manuk we charge 590.000 IDR.

For more information don't hesitate to contact us.